Gambling Harm Conference 2020: Every conversation counts will include not only informative presentations and workshops, but also performances, arts and other social activities to provide delegates a fun and enriching experience across the three days of the conference.

The Torch

The Torch provides support to Indigenous offenders and ex-offenders in Victoria through art, cultural and arts vocational programs.

By embracing program participants as artists rather than offenders, The Torch provides an avenue to change. The program aims to reduce the rate of reoffending by encouraging participants to explore identity and culture through art, develop confidence and define new pathways for themselves upon release from prison.

The Torch will hold an exhibition during the conference, and all artwork on display will be available for purchase.

Soreti Kadir

Soretti Soreti Kadir is storyteller and facilitator. She is captivating both on stage and on the page. Soreti has performed solo and collaboratively across mediums, with poetry being her specialty. She has also led workshops, authored two books of poetry and spoken amongst a diversity of gatherings across the country and abroad. Soreti has been involved in many events, including the Emerging Writers Festival, National Young Writers Festival, Melbourne Writers Festival, Melbourne Festival, Melbourne White Night and Digital Writers Festival.

Emily Wurramara

Emily Wurramara

Emily Wurramara’s childhood was one of water and music. Growing up on Groote Eylandt, days were filled with travel, fishing and extended family, a mother telling stories of dreams and dolphins that would one day become the seeds of Emily’s music. In almost the blink of an eye, the young fresh-faced artist who debuted her breakout EP ‘Black Smoke’ in 2016, has matured into a now seasoned award-winning Indigenous performer and a proud new mum with her own stories to pass down to her daughter, K’iigari, born Boxing Day (2017).

Santha Press

Santha Press Santha Press has been facilitating musical, cultural and community experiences across the eastern states of Australia for more than 20 years.

Drawing on voice, percussion, meditation, dance, improvisation and yoga, Santha has devised an approach to musical and movement facilitation that focuses on accessibility, inclusivity and joy.

Santha will be hosting The Big Sing! at 12pm in the Function Room on Tuesday, 24 March 2020.