Dr Simone Rodda

Dr Simone Rodda

Senior Lecturer, University of Auckland

Associate Professor Nicki Dowling

Associate Professor of Psychology, Deakin University

Advancements in online self-directed programs to reduce gambling harm

Tuesday 14 August, 9.40 am, The Pier

Although face-to-face delivery of cognitive-behavioural therapy and motivational interviewing are efficacious for treating gambling problems, only a small proportion of gamblers who experience gambling harm access these services.

This highlights the need for alternative treatment delivery models that utilise advances in technology, employ non-traditional service providers, and involve self-directed interventions that can complement existing services.

This presentation will explore the current state of knowledge in the development of online self-directed programs to reduce gambling harm and present the top line findings from a project funded by the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation aimed at developing and evaluating an online self-directed cognitive behavioural program for gambling (GAMBLINGLESS. FOR LIFE.).

The presentation will discuss the translation of this program into the Foundation’s website redevelopment and the adaptation of this program into a cutting-edge "just-in-time" intervention. The presentation will conclude with a more general discussion of the integration of online self-directed interventions into existing service systems and developments in e-therapy.

About Dr Simone Rodda

Simone Rodda is Senior Lecturer at University of Auckland in New Zealand (School of Population Health) and an Honorary Senior Research Fellow with Turning Point (Melbourne, Australia). She is currently involved in multiple investigations involving the use of e-therapy and brief interventions for problem gambling.

About Associate Professor Nicki Dowling

Nicki Dowling is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Deakin University, with an honorary position as Principal Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne. She is a registered clinical psychologist and has considerable experience as face-to-face gambling counsellor in the Victorian Gamblers Help services.